The DALMAC Fund 2024

The DALMAC Fund 2024 Grants

The DALMAC Fund, Inc., (DALMAC Fund) advances and promotes the use of bicycles in Michigan. The Fund grants money to programs looking to advance bicycle safety; public awareness of bicyclists’ rights on public thoroughfares; bicycling events; bicycle trails and routes across the state; instruction as to the care and maintenance of bicycles; and social opportunities for bicyclists. 

Tri-County Bicycle Association (TCBA) has served bicyclists in mid-Michigan since 1972. Notably, TCBA volunteers make possible the Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw (DALMAC) tour. Annually on Labor Day weekend, more than 1,200 participants enjoy 2 to 5 days riding their bicycles between Lansing and Mackinaw City. Through the DALMAC Fund, TCBA provides funding to bicycling projects all over Michigan.

A big thanks to all the DALMAC riders who donated to the DALMAC Fund.

DALMAC Fund Grant Funded Projects for 2024

View all our program videos at our DALMAC YouTube channel. Each of our 2024 grantees have a story to tell. Their projects range from education programs, programs for kids, trail development, bicycle infrastructure, programs for refugees, upcycling bikes for people in need of them and more. Each short video is told from their perspective – and their mission shines through.

West Michigan Trails
MSU Cycling Club 2024
Open Roads Kalamazoo
Riding Toward Success
YMCA Camp Eberhart
Detroit Greenways Bike History Tour

TART Trails 2024
Kids Repair Program 2024
Programs to Educate All Cyclists (PEAC)
Upcycle Bikes Grand Rapids
Lansing Bike Co-Op

Mid Michigan Mountain Biking Association

2025 DALMAC Fund Applications

The grant cycles begin after the first of the year, and grant applicants can download an app and submit their requests for 2025 beginning after the first of the year. We will post grant application information here and on our social media, see our social connections below. We publish the Grant Instructions and Applications in early January, 2025.

  • DALMAC Fund grant requests are due March 1, 2025.  
  • Final funding decisions will be made by May 15, 2025.  

The DALMAC Fund Inc. goals:

  1. Improve the bicycling environment in Michigan
  2. Expand bicycling in Michigan
  3. Promote good will towards bicycling in the community
  4. Increase bicycle safety

Grant requests will be evaluated on meeting the 4 goals, as well as,

  1. The amount requested is reasonable
  2. The request has documented local support
  3. TCBA is comfortable funding the request
  4. Previous funding does not guarantee future funding

Typical grant funded requests involve,

  1. Construction and design of bicycle facilities
  2. Bicycle education programs
  3. Activities promoting bicycling for transportation, health and recreation
  4. Purchase of bicycles and related equipment
  5. Developing bicycle routes or maps

2024 DALMAC Fund Financial & Grant Statements:

DALMAC Fund Grant Awards for 2024:

The DALMAC Fund granted a total of $ 159,800 in 2024 (some are awaiting matched funds from other granting organizations.)