Rider FAQs

What and how should I pack?

A tent would be a good idea since it’s a bicycle camping tour! Seriously though, here’s a suggested Packing List. Duffel bags or large sports bags work best for packing (no plastic bags, storage totes, or cardboard boxes). There is a limit of two (2) bags per person, and no bag may exceed 45lbs. Tip: create a water barrier for anything in your bags that needs to stay dry, either by using ziploc bags or garbage bags, as even dew soaked tents make for very wet piles of baggage in the trucks.

How are the routes marked?

With a DALMAC arrow, a yellow D with a directional arrow, like D>.

How will I charge my cell phone?

One of our volunteers designed and built some awesome standup boards with multiple pockets and outlets that will be setup at each overnight site. We have also added a multi-port USB charging station that will be placed inside the school for your use.

What does “SAG” mean?

“SAG” (most commonly written in all uppercase) may derive from a rider “sagging” off the back of the group, or it may be an acronym (or a backronym) for “Support And Gear” or “Support Aid Group.” In any case just know that our SAG drivers are out driving the routes to assist riders in need. Tap your hand on top of your head to signal them to stop, or give them a thumbs-up to tell them all is well. Please refer to the DALMAC Rider’s Handbook for more information about private SAGs and riders with vehicles.

Are there GPS files available?

We are using a RideWithGPS Experience this year for all our routes. Even if you don’t have a RideWithGPS account you can use it for turn-by-turn navigation on your phone and or download routes to your GPS. You will receive an email before the tour with a link for your route. If you have any questions please email routesandmaps@biketcba.org.

Each rider will also receive a detailed map booklet for their route.

Will I be able to bring a motorhome to the campsite?

Yes.  DALMAC staff will determine a location at each overnight stop where you can park.  You cannot park in the tent setup area or on the grass around each site.  There is no electricity nor water hookups at any site. Motorhomes and will require a DALMAC vehicle permit that can be purchased during online registration or at the rider check-in. Vehicles without permits will not be allowed on school grounds.

Additional Resources:

Registration FAQs

DALMAC Gear Sales

DALMAC riders can buy DALMAC Gear, bus tickets and Pavilion camping when registering on-line. Limited amounts of DALMAC Gear will be available at rider check-in at the MSU Pavilion. DALMAC jerseys can also be bought after DALMAC through the Primal store and will be shipped directly to you.

Can I register just for meals? Or a ride with no meals?

No, neither. There is no provision for riders to pay a partial fee. For Private Support Vehicle and occupant options see the DALMAC Handbook.

If a route is full, can I add myself to a wait list?

Sorry, we do not have a waitlist. However, if a cancellation occurs before the July 31st deadline, the registration system will reopen for new registrations for that particular route. Keep checking back to see if spots have opened up.

Can I have someone else pick up my rider packet?

No, all riders must be present at check-in to receive wrist-bands, their packet, and sign a liability waiver (if not already completed during online registration). Picture ID required.

I can’t ride the first day(s). Can I join the route at a later stop?

Sure, just find the Route Coordinator at an overnight site (look for canopy) and check-in there as they will have your registration packet. You can only join for the route you selected during online registration.

How do I (sigh) cancel?

Things come up, plans change. Contact us to arrange for cancellation. Also, please see the DALMAC Handbook for complete details.

After registering you will receive a Confirmation Email. Changes or cancellations can be processed by Contacting Us. Missing your confirmation? Let us know and we will resend it.