2-Day East

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96/122 Miles

The perfect road ride for DALMAC riders who only have Labor Day weekend days off school or work – this route begins in Grayling, so you’re already “up north” and overnights at Indian River before taking either a longer route through the Tunnel of Trees or straight up to Mackinaw City.

Saturday: to Inland Lakes High School (Indian River) – 54 Miles
2-East riders begin Saturday, heading northwest on tree-lined roads all the way to Inland Lakes High School in Indian River.

Sunday: to Mackinaw City High School – 42/68 Miles
Sunday provides riders with a choice: taking the direct route to the finish in Mackinaw City, 41 miles away, or following a 71-mile route crossing the Tip of the Mitt to Good Hart, where a fabulous lunch stop awaits. Riders then join the DALMAC riders from the West Routes riding through Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees, overlooking Lake Michigan, before finishing in Mackinaw City.

Starting Location:

The starting location for the 2-Day East Route is Grayling High School, 1135 N. Old 27, Grayling, Michigan. Riders beginning in Grayling can camp here with the other East Route riders for free the night of August 30, 2024. Parking on site is available from Friday until Sunday.

2-Day East Route check-in takes place Friday, August 30, 2024, from 5-7 pm, and Saturday, August 31, 2024, from 7-9 am.  Riders and other participants must be present at check in to receive wrist bands, rider packets, and sign a liability waiver if they have not already done so. The wristband serves as the participant’s access to meals, showers and other facilities. Riders will pick up any DALMAC Gear they purchased at rider check-in.