Welcome to DALMAC – Michigan’s Epic Labor Day Weekend Bicycle Tour

DALMAC Webinar Series
DALMAC Webinar Series
An Epic Bike Ride Through Michigan
Seven Routes from Lansing to Mackinaw City
Ride with your friends...or make new ones
Fully supported ride over Labor Day weekend
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We look forward to welcoming you to DALMAC 2024. Registration is now open.

Seven Routes. One Weekend. One Epic Ride.

Routes for 2024

5-Day West – 325 Miles
5-Day East – 278/304 Miles
5 Day Gravel – 306/333 Miles
4-Day West – 322/402 Miles
3-Day East – 161/187 Miles
2-Day East – 96/122 Miles
2-Day Trail – 76 Miles


Welcome to DALMAC 2024. We have a great tour planned for you. We are adding a gravel route for 2024 – we listened to rider feedback and created a route that will shadow the 5 Day East route. The overnight stops will be the same as the 5 Day East route. We have designed the East routes so that you can pick and choose routes. Want to spend a day on gravel, then move to paved road the next day? No problem. How about doing the last day on the trail? You can do that. This makes the East routes the most flexible and varied. We hope to see you on East in 2024.

We have decided to hold the line on the price for DALMAC. The 2024 DALMAC will cost the same as the 2023 tour. All the same great stops, all the services we provide, and all the fun with new and old friends for the same low price. The proceeds from DALMAC are donated to the DALMAC Fund, Inc. to provide bicycle related grants throughout Michigan. Take a look at the DALMAC Fund page on this site to see the great work that the DALMAC fund does.

Have questions? Please send and email to director@dalmac.org and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Dan Stockwell, DALMAC Director

Learn about DALMAC

Click this link DALMAC Webinar Series to sign up for the 2024 DALMAC webinar series where we will discuss everything you need to know to have a great time on the tour

Please take time to read the DALMAC Handbook. This information is super important to know as you prepare for and ride the DALMAC

DALMAC Uses Ride with GPS.

DALMAC is using a RideWithGPS Experience. This allows riders to have navigation on their phone even if they don’t have a RidWithGPS account. Riders can download routes from it for use on there GPS. It also has information like SAG and other phone numbers, meal times, bus and bike loading times, repair truck stop locations, PSM locations and E-bike battery exchange locations. This is good to have on your phone even if you are not using it for navigation for all the information plus it gives you a backup.

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DALMAC Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Is a free DALMAC in 2024 in your future? Your photo could help you win! Submit your DALMAC 2023 photos to our photo contest

Photos at the Bridge

Photos at the Bridge are now up! Visit our photo link page to download yours.

The DALMAC Story

Little did then-state Rep. Dick Allen know that an upstart ride in 1971 from Michigan’s capitol to the Mackinac Bridge would evolve into one of the state’s longest-running multi-day bike tours.

2024 is the 53rd Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw Bicycle Tour! The DALMAC is Michigan’s annual, fully supported, epic end-of-summer bicycle camping tour. Routes wind northward from Michigan State University on country roads and through quaint small towns, ending in historic and beautiful Mackinaw City.

Whether you are new to cycling or an old hand, there are adventures to be had, friendships to be made, and hills to climb.

DALMAC is one of the oldest, lowest cost, all-volunteer-run bicycling tours in the country, celebrating its 52nd year in 2023. DALMAC is about the fun of bicycling and sharing the roads! DALMAC originated in 1971 when former state Rep. Dick Allen challenged his friends, colleagues, and constituents to “ride all the way to the bridge” to prove that bikes and cars could share Michigan roads safely. DALMAC seeks to develop an awareness of bicyclists and their needs among the citizens of Michigan, to promote bicycling as a healthy means of transportation and recreation, and to encourage wider use of bicycles. DALMAC is organized and staffed by volunteers of the Lansing-based Tri-County Bicycle Association (TCBA)

This was a magical time for me, feeling the wind on my face and remembering how I felt as a kid again

– DALMAC Rider 2023


The DALMAC Fund has funded over a million dollars in bicycle safety, infrastructure, education and access programs across Michigan (including the kids camp through Norte in Traverse City, shown above, photo courtesy of Norte). It’s the reason we ride DALMAC.

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DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride

Gorgeous scenery, varied terrain, and amazing vistas greet DALMAC riders on every route. This family-friendly, all-ages, supported bike tour is a must-do for any bicyclist. Each route varies in distance providing just the right challenge for all cyclists whether beginner or experienced, relaxed paced or speedy On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week before Labor Day each year, cyclists load their bags on trucks in East Lansing, MI, or points beyond, and begin riding one of the 6 routes to Mackinaw City. Most camp in school yards where local organizations provide meals in school cafeterias. The event provides an appreciated source of revenue to schools, athletic teams, band boosters, small businesses, and community groups all along each route and in host towns. Riders look forward to finding and re-visiting favorite breweries, ice cream shops, beaches, scenic venues, lunch stops, stores, rest stops, and host town venues that add to the revenue of communities, organizations, churches, convenience stores, and small businesses. Riders enjoy many lesser traveled roadways, and Michigan's varied scenery. Michigan's terrain is mostly rolling, but at least one hill provides a long-talked-about challenge. All routes finish by 6 p.m. on Sunday evening. Some riders are met by family or friends for the return trip, while others choose to pre-purchase a ticket to load their bicycles on the baggage trucks and return to their original departure point on chartered buses. Many riders return year after year to enjoy DALMAC and we are so glad that you do! Thank you for riding DALMAC!!!
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride4 weeks ago
ICYMI - The recording of the DALMAC webinar from April 27 is now available to view. https://youtu.be/ff6s--ga3xY And if you are ready to sign up go to https://DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride to see all the details and register for this amazing bicycle camping tour.
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride
YT Dalmac Webinar 4 27 2024
Recording of the DALMAC informational webinar on April 27, 2024
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride1 month ago
This is great ride to get some training in for DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride
DALMAC - Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride1 month ago
#DALMAC2024 - check out the latest on DALMAC

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