Post-Ride Bus Transportation

Return bus transportation on Sunday afternoon to East Lansing, Grayling, and Gladwin can be purchased as an option for $70 during registration. Bus departures from Mackinaw City are available at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Bikes must be on the truck a minimum of one hour prior to the bus departure time. Bicycles are not allowed on the bus.

The purchase of bus service includes box lunches and brief stops at Grayling and Gladwin on the way to East Lansing. Wristbands will be required to board the buses. Bus tickets will be sold online until July 31. Bus tickets are non-transferable.

It is the responsibility of riders purchasing return transportation to their original start points to retrieve their own baggage from the baggage trucks at the Mackinaw City High School and place them on the bus that will carry them back to their starting point, themselves.

Individual riders are responsible for preparing their bicycles to be loaded on the transport trucks, handing the bicycles to the loading team, and retrieving their own bicycles on arrival at their final destination. Bikes must be loaded on the appropriate truck a minimum of one hour prior to their bus departure time. (Bicycles will not be allowed on the bus.) DALMAC is not responsible for loss or damage to any bicycle returning on a baggage truck. The baggage trucks travel a little slower and may arrive later than the buses. The truck drivers appreciate your patience!

If seating is available, return bus transportation may be available for purchase once the tour has begun. Check with the route coordinator for availability.

No security will be provided in East Lansing for bicycles not claimed by 11:00 p.m.

Camping Services

For an additional fee, private tent services are available through outside contractors. Riders are responsible for making their own arrangements for these services in advance. Please be aware of which routes each contractor services. It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure that the services they purchase coordinate with the routes they’ve chosen to ride.

Padre’s Cycle Inn: (
Service for all routes.






Massage Therapy Services

Creative Wellness: (
This business provides sports massage therapy services at the overnight camp sites on all routes.  Sign up for massage services in camp.

Bike Shipping

This business offers bike shipping services for those traveling to Michigan for DALMAC.