Aug 31 - Sept 4

2016 Edition

4 Routes

4 and 5 day options.

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Route Map

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The 46th Annual!

The Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw Bicycle Tour is Michigan’s annual epic end-of-summer bicycle camping tour.

Four routes wind northward in 4 or 5 days through Michigan’s countryside and quaint small towns, from East Lansing to up north destinations, ending in Mackinaw City, or crossing the Mackinac Bridge to St. Ignace, or Rudyard. Each route varies in distance providing just the right challenge for all cyclists.

DALMAC originated in 1971 when former State Representative Dick Allen challenged his colleagues and constituents with a ‘ride all the way to the bridge’ to prove that bikes and cars could share Michigan roads safely.

Award Winning!
DALMAC was honored as the recipient of the 2015 Govenor’s Fitness Awards, Govenor’s Council Extraordinary Event Award.


The DALMAC Fund, established in 1975, has granted over $1.2 million to promote bicycling in Michigan. For more info visit this Webpage.

DALMAC is an all volunteer event staffed by members of the Tri-County Bicycle Associaton (TCBA) of Lansing, MI.

“We Ride” by Dan Schlack

And so should you! Experience farmlands, tree lined roads, small towns and small lakes, Great Lakes, beaches, and one really big bridge.


4 routes to choose from - both 4 & 5 day options

5 UP & 5 East routes cross the Mackinac Bridge

Quad Century options on the 4 Day West

DALMAC has added a new 2 East Weekend Route!

DALMAC is excited to offer this option to help accommodate riders who are unable to take time off or simply prefer a weekend ride!

2 East Weekend Info (pdf)


  • 5 West, 5 UP, 5 East - $250 / Preteen $185
  • 4 Day West - $205 / Preteen $155
  • 2 East Weekend - $125 / Preteen $100
  • (Preteen is age 12 or less)

All prices increase by $25 after June 30

Route MapAll routes begin at the MSU pavilion in East Lansing and wind northward through rolling farmlands and up-north lake country following country roads whenever possible to provide the safest, most scenic routes between campsites. Each route travels through small Michigan communties offering opportunities for rest, refreshments, and exploration.

GPS Links  Ride With GPS logo

DALMAC has utilized the Ride with GPS online system so that you can download the route files for use on your mobile GPS device. Use the links below to access files for the various routes.

5 East  5 West  5 UP  4 Day West  Quad 2 East Wknd

Routes and mileage are subject to change.

  • 338 or 354 total miles

    Our 5 West route veers to the west as it heads north, eventually passing near Traverse City and taking in the scenery of Torch Lake, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and the "Tunnel of Trees", with an average daily distance of 67 miles.
  • 73 miles to Vestaburg HS

    You will leave MSU with the other five day routes, traveling through farmlands and small towns before reaching Alma and taking the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail to Vestaburg.
  • 74 miles to McBain/Northern Michigan Christian School

    More farmland, and more small towns including Beal City, Farwell, Lake George, and Marion before you finish in another small town, McBain. A couple of memorable fuel stops are the Lake George Campground and the Marion HS Cross Country Team rest stop, at the curve 5 miles before Marion.
  • 79 miles to Elk Rapids HS

    On Friday you will ride through the Fife Lake area, then head west to the Tart Trail near Traverse City, winding north through cherry tree country for an overnight at Elk Rapids High School.
  • 60 / 76 miles to Petoskey HS

    The optional shorter alternative has you riding a route to Chalevoix, then taking the Little Traverse Wheelway (paved trail) to Petoskey. The more conventional route goes up and around the top of Elk Lake and then down around the bottom of Torch Lake to the quaint lakeside town of Alden. More beautiful Torch Lake shoreline, then on to East Jordan, home of "The Wall", and Boyne City. A final climb takes you up to your finish in Petoskey.
  • 52 miles to Mackinaw City HS

    Your tour culminates with awesome scenery the whole way. Riding near Lake Michigan on roads with names like Beach and Lakeshore tell the story. Harbor Springs, Goodhart, and Cross Village are just bonuses. Enjoy!
  • 312, 340,  or 370 total miles

    The 5 UP not only crosses the Mackinac Bridge but also continues on into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to either St. Ignace or Rudyard. The route stays a little closer to the middle of "the mitten" and has an average daily mileage of about 70 miles.
  • 71 miles to Shepherd HS

    Flat farmland is on the agenda today. Makes for a nice ride though as the roads are generally quiet and the towns small. Pay attention to your map so you don't end up riding off with the other 5 day routes ;-)
  • 85 miles to Lake City HS

    Early today you pass through Mt. Pleasant and Central Michigan University, go Chips! Then small Michigan towns all the rest of the way for breaks and refreshment, so take your pick. If you plan a last stop at Falmouth pay attention as it's just a short right off the route.
  • 66 miles to Central Lake HS

    On Friday, after riding through Kalkaska, Alden, and along Torch Lake, you will be staying in Central Lake.
  • 62 / 93 miles to Pellston HS

    First you will encounter the “5 Tears” then continue through East Jordan and Boyne City to Petoskey. From there are two options: the standard route goes north from Bay View to Pellston, while the optional century route follows the “Tunnel of Trees” through Goodhart to Cross Village, then turns south and east to Pellston.
  • 27 / 54 miles to St. Ignace / Rudyard

    After a 20 mile ride you cross the 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge. The route proceeds for 28 more files through St. Ignace and on Mackinaw Trail to Rudyard. Or, there is also an option to finish in St. Ignace. Either way, welcome to Yooper country.
  • 290 or 317 total miles

    The 5 East route is designed to head straight up the middle of the state. Choose this route for the shortest days and overall mileage, and to bike across the Mackinac Bridge. A great choice for first time DALMAC'ers.
  • 57 miles to Ithaca HS

    Your ride today will take you through Michigan farmlands to Dick Allen's Alma mater, Ithaca High School.
  • 66 miles to Harrison HS

    More farmlands, but also the towns of Alma and Mt Pleasant, the home of Central Michigan University. Go Chips!
  • 65 miles to Grayling HS

    Riding today you get "up norther" and into lake country, including Houghton and Higgins Lake areas, before arriving in Grayling, home of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon, an annual 120 mile race to Lake Huron.
  • 76 miles to Cheboygan HS

    The longest day today, but you're getting stronger now. From Grayling, you are officially in the northern lower Michigan of great scenic tree lined county roads to Cheboygan, and the shores of Lake Huron.
  • 26 / 53 miles to St Ignace / Rudyard

      On Sunday you have a short 17 mile ride to the Mackinaw Bridge where you will pedal across and continue on to your final destination at either LaSalle High School in St. Ignace or Rudyard High School in Rudyard!
  • 325 or 411 total miles

    The standard 4 Day West route follows a similar path to the 5 West, just in one less day. So it also veers to the west as it heads north, eventually passing near Traverse City and the beautiful scenery of Torch Lake, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and the "Tunnel of Trees". The Quad Century options branch out each day to add the extra miles.
  • 73 / 109 miles to Vestaburg HS

    After leaving MSU, you will ride through Dewitt, Perrinton, and Alma before taking the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail to Vestaburg.
  • 89 / 101 miles to Lake City HS

    After passing through Farwell you'll encounter some rolling hills around Lake George. Be sure to stop at the Lake of the Pines rest stop on Ashard Road for lunch.
  • 92 / 99 miles to Boyne City HS

    You’ll pass through Kalkaska and Alden and ride up the “The Wall”, or the scenic alternate route, on the way to your overnight site at Boyne City.
  • 71 / 102 miles to Mackinaw City HS

    Your DALMAC culminates today with classic views of Walloon Lake, Petoskey/Bay View, Harbor Springs, the “Tunnel of Trees”, Goodhart, and Cross Village.

Mackinac Bridge

The "Mighty Mac"

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The Mackinac Bridge is one of the world's longest suspension bridges, spanning the Straits of Mackinac for a total of five miles and linking Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas. DALMAC riders are given special permission to ride bicycles across the bridge by the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

* Only the 5 UP and 5 East routes cross the bridge.

Bridge Facts

  • Total length: 26,371'
  • Longest span: 3,799'
  • Total height: 551'
  • Height above water: 200' (mid span)
  • Construction started: May 7, 1954
  • Opened: November 1, 1957


Commemorate your DALMAC experience

For Puchase When Registering

Size charts will be displayed when registering online, and can also be found in the DALMAC Handbook.

Jersey - $50

This year’s jersey pays tribute to our founder Dick Allen, with his image on the front. The back of the jersey will display many iconic sights riders who have ridden before will recognize from the various locations DALMAC has visited and/or traveled through.

The jersey is a Primal Wear sport cut, the same as last year. It offers a slightly relaxed fit, and a full front zipper. For a looser fit, please order one size larger.

* Women's Jerseys are sized the same but are 1-1/2 inches shorter and have no elastic at bottom.

Sweatshirt - $40

The official 2016 DALMAC sweatshirt is a heavy blend, classic, 1/4 zip, cadet collar shirt. This shirt is a 50/50 blend, preshrunk, collared shirt. The color is called blackberry, and is emblazoned with the DALMAC logo, embroidered on the upper left breast.

T-Shirt - $20

This year’s T-shirt is a 100% cotton, preshrunk, tagless shirt. On the front, Dick Allen himself will smile out at the world, showing everyone that you rode the greatest multi-day tour in the state! These shirts use industry standard sizing, so order accordingly.

Cap - $15

New this year, we are offering a baseball cap for our riders to don when they are not riding. This light-weight microfiber cap will look great with the DALMAC logo proudly displayed for all to see. The cap is yellow with reflective trim so you will be seen day or night

No clothing orders accepted after June 30. A very limited amount will be available for purchase at check-in.

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DALMAC Team Store

For purchase directly from the

DALMAC Team Store on

The DALMAC Team Store on has the following items for sale through June 10.

Thermal Leg Warmers $35
Women’s Sport Cut, Sleeveless, Raglan Sleeve $50
Men’s Wind Vest, Sport Cut, Solid Back Panel $50
Men’s Thermal Arm Warmers (unisex) $25

Please check the Size Charts to ensure proper fit. Order a size larger if you prefer a loose fit.

To order, visit the DALMAC Team Store on and create an account, then you can view options and place your order.

If you already have an account with Primal, no need to create another, go directly to the Primal Login.


Orders placed in the team store are PREORDERS and will be submitted for production once the store closes. Credit cards will be authorized when your order is submitted and the final charge will not take place until the team store closes. All items are custom, made-to-order, billed and shipped by Primal Wear, no size exchanges, returns, and refunds are possible – please order sizes carefully. Shipping from is $10 (flat rate), regardless of the number of items you order. All items will be shipped from Primal Wear to arrive at your shipping address in August to arrive before DALMAC. For any questions, please email or call 800-275-6953.

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Third Party Services

Additional fees apply

You are responsible for ensuring that you have contracted for the applicable service on your chosen route.


Cancellation Insurance

Riders desiring to purchase cancellation insurance may call 800-335-0611 or go to DALMAC is not affiliated with this agency and makes no profit from riders’ purchase of a cancellation policy; travel coverage is also available through other insurers.


Answers to common questions.

For full details see the DALMAC Handbook

Still have questions? Contact Us

Ride FAQ's

  • What and how should I pack?

    A tent would be a good idea since it’s a bicycle camping tour! Seriously though, here’s a recommended Packing List (pdf). Duffel bags or large sports bags work best for packing (no plastic bags, storage totes, or cardboard boxes). There is a limit of two (2) bags per person, and no bag may exceed 45lbs. Tip: create a water barrier for anything in your bags that needs to stay dry, either by using ziploc bags or garbage bags, as even dew soaked tents make for very wet piles of baggage in the trucks.
  • How are the routes marked?

    With a DALMAC arrow, a yellow D with a directional arrow, like D>.
  • Which routes cross the Mackinac Bridge?

    Only the 5 UP and 5 East routes cross the bridge. Registered DALMAC riders from 5 West and 4 Day West routes may participate in the bridge crossing if they choose to skip their route on Sunday and provide their own transportation.
  • How will I charge my cell phone?

    One of our volunteers designed and built some awesome standup boards with multiple pockets and outlets that will be setup at each overnight site.
  • What does SAG stand for?

    "SAG" (most commonly written in all uppercase) may derive from a rider "sagging" off the back of the group, or it may be an acronym (or a backronym) for "Support And Gear" or "Support Aid Group." In any case just know that our SAG drivers are out driving the routes to assist riders in need. Tap your hand on top of your head to signal them to stop, or give them a thumbs-up to tell them all is well.

Registration FAQ's

Contact Us


Phone: (517) 882-3700

Write to:
P.O. Box 22146
Lansing, MI 48909-2146

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Online Registration

Online registration is through RegOnline. For registration questions please contact us as listed in this section.



Registration Starts Feb. 14 at Noon and Ends July 31

Absolutely no day of event applications! There is no waitlist.

For complete DALMAC details please refer to the
DALMAC Handbook

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Important Documents (download and print)

Rider Check-In

All riders must be present at check-in to receive wrist bands and packet, and sign a liability waiver. Each rider is required to bring a photo ID. It's also recommended to bring a copy of your Registration/Email Confirmation.

  • 5 Day Routes: Tuesday, August 30 from 5-8 p.m. and Wednesday, August 31 from 7 -9 a.m.
  • 4 Day West Route: Wednesday, August 31 from 5-8 p.m. and Thursday, September 1, from 7-9 a.m.

Cancellations and Refunds

After registering you will receive a Confirmation Email. Changes or cancellations can be processed by you directly by clicking the “Review, Change, Cancel” link in your Confirmation. Missing your confirmation? Contact DALMAC and we will resend it.

Cancellation requests processed by June 30 will be subject to a fee of $35, and those processed July 1 through 31 will incur a fee of $45. No refunds after July 31.

Refer to the DALMAC Handbook for complete details.